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De Bure, Gilles; Morllec, Frederic (photographer)


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newArnoldshof  NETHERLANDS document available map available
newBreezewood Japanese Garden and Museum  UNITED STATES document available map available
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newDrumadravey Gardens  UNITED KINGDOM document available map available
newEden Issei Terrace  UNITED STATES document available map available
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newLarry Ellison Estate  UNITED STATES document available map available
newLe Jardin d' Erik Borja  FRANCE document available map available
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newSmith Residence  AUSTRALIA document available map available
newSteigenberger MAXX Hotel Jena  GERMANY document available map available
newWelch Sanctuary  UNITED STATES document available map available
newWexford Japanese Garden  IRELAND document available map available
newZen Mountain Monastery  UNITED STATES document available map available
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Japan a great stone garden in the sea.
Echoes of hoes and weeding,
Centuries of leading hill-creeks down
To ditch and pool in fragile knee deep fields.
Leafy sunshine rustling on a man
Chipping a foot-square rough hinoki beam;
I thought I heard an axe chop in the woods
It broke the dream; and woke up dreaming on a train.
It must have been a thousand years ago
In some old mountain sawmill of Japan.
A horde of excess poets and unwed girls
And I that night prowled Tokyo like a bear
Tracking the human future
Of intelligence and despair.

  Gary Snyder

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