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Keane Project at Cornell Works on Teahouse


Last Updated: 5/10/2003

As some of you may know, Marc Peter Keane has been running a project at Cornell University called the Teahouse Project which focuses on Japanese tea culture, tea architecture and tea gardens. The participants (Cornell students, faculty and local community members) are in the process of building an experimental teahouse out of local materials. The teahouse and garden are being made by the students almost entirely from natural materials that they are collecting from forests, fields, and farms around Lake Cayuga. Those materials include maple saplings, reeds, the stems of willows and red-twig dogwoods, barn-boards, river pebbles, and field stones. It will be completed in time for a special event on May 17th at the Johnson Museum at which Chinese, Korean, and Japanese tea will be served by three teamasters. The work is an integration of East Asian and Western culture and also as an example of an intensely hands-on learning experience. It's also been a heck of a lot of fun!

For more info, check out their web site at http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/la694/

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