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New Sakuteiki Translation Published


Last Updated: 9/7/2001

Tuttle Publishing has released a new translation of the gardening classic, the Sakuteiki. The 1000 year old gardening classic, Sakuteiki, or "Records of Garden Making," is the oldest surviving work on Japanese gardening, and may be the oldest book on garden design and construction in the world. Composed during the Heian period, this work delves into the culture and customs of ancient Japanese society, offering insight into the Japanese view not only of gardening, but also of living life. Sakuteiki serves as a metaphor for the Japanese way of life, powerfully illuminating the overall culture of ancient Japan. This new and extensively annotated translation provides a fascinating look into the world of meaning hidden within the design of Japanese gardens. Marc Peter Keane and Jiro Takei have written a clear and succint translation and in addition the annotations, have written introductory chapters for the work. Sections include:
  • Life in the Heian Period
  • Nature
  • Geomancy
  • Buddhism
  • Taboos
Excerpts are available on Marc Peter Keane's web site. There is also a PDF format announcment (359KB) from the publisher.

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