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Features and Announcements
This page is an archive of past features and announcements.


Book Review: The Art of the Japanese Garden 2/20/2006 
JGarden Newsletter: Vol. 5, No. 2 4/3/2005 
JGarden Newsletter: Vol. 5, No. 1 2/6/2005 
JGarden Newsletter: Vol. 4, No. 3 11/28/2004 
4th Int'l Japanese Garden Symposium Report 9/6/2004 
4th Int'l Japanese Garden Symposium - Day 1 9/6/2004 
4th Int'l Japanese Garden Symposium - Day 2 9/6/2004 
JGarden Newsletter: Vol. 4, No. 2 6/26/2004 
JGarden Newsletter: Vol. 4, No. 1 5/2/2004 
Yotsume-gaki Fence-Making Article 9/27/2003 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 3, Number 5 9/21/2003 
JOJG Announces 2003 Shiosai Results 9/18/2003 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 3, Number 4 5/10/2003 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 3, Number 3 4/10/2003 
JOJG Announces Results of Australian Garden Survey 4/6/2003 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 3, Number 2 2/8/2003 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 3, Number 1 1/1/2003 
Garden Design Software 10/26/2002 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 2, Number 3 8/27/2002 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 2, Number 2 3/2/2002 
Japanese Roof Tiles (Kawara) 2/3/2002 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 2, Number 1 2/2/2002 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 1, Number 7 12/30/2001 
JGarden Newsletter--Volume 1, Number 6 10/19/2001 
Resources for Building Your Own Jgarden 10/1/2001 
JOJG Announces Results of its Best Gardens Survey 5/21/2000 
Suikinkutsu Construction Details 5/20/2000 


Announcing the 12th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 1/25/2008 
Registration Deadline for 5th International Japanese Garden Symposium 8/28/2007 
Kyoto Garden Tour still has spots open 7/17/2007 
2008 Spring Garden and Koi Pond Tour Announced 7/17/2007 
Open Position at Philadelphia Japanese House and Garden 3/6/2007 
Announcing the 11th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 2/4/2007 
New Forum Available at MyJapaneseGarden.org 1/20/2007 
JOJG Garden Tour, Kyoto, Japan, May 16-28, 2007 1/20/2007 
Announcing the 10th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 4/28/2006 
DVD Released on Carleton College Japanese Garden 2/23/2006 
Portland Garden Hiring New Gardeners 2/20/2006 
Japanese Garden Assistant Curator position open in Albuquerque 2/2/2006 
Japanese Garden Names New Executive Director 2/1/2006 
Japanese Garden Society or Oregon Seeking Executive Director 6/21/2005 
Fundamentals of Japanese Garden Design & Maintenance Seminar 4/30/2005 
Photographer William Corey announces Photo-of-the-Month Program 3/13/2005 
Miami Seeks Parks Naturalist to Maintain Japanese Garden 2/7/2005 
University Seeks Assistance with Relocation of Kitayama Teahouse 2/6/2005 
Announcing the 9th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 1/5/2005 
Marc Peter Keane Announces 2005 Lecture Tour 12/28/2004 
UC Davis Offers Summer Workshop in Kyoto 11/28/2004 
Cornell Teahouse Project Provides Online Resource 5/2/2004 
Announcing the 8th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 5/1/2004 
Morikami Seeks New Garden Supervisor 4/18/2004 
JOJG Announces Advanced Pruning Workshop 3/27/2004 
Announcing the 4th International Symposium on Japanese Gardens 1/11/2004 
JAANUS Site Contributes to Japan Architectural Scholarship 9/21/2003 
JGarden Tops 3 million page views 9/21/2003 
JOJG Organizes 2004 Garden Tour to Kyoto 8/23/2003 
Keane Project at Cornell Works on Teahouse 5/10/2003 
David Rumsey Map Collection Unveils Japanese Maps 5/10/2003 
Keane Lecture at the Japan Society 5/10/2003 
Kyoto Gardens: A Virtual Stroll through Zen Landscapes 4/24/2003 
2004 International Symposium Seeks Sponsors 3/5/2003 
JGarden Incorporates as Non-Profit 2/8/2003 
Hands-on Japanese Garden Class Announced 1/20/2003 
Announcing the Seventh Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 12/25/2002 
3rd Annual Symposium on Japanese Gardens Announced 8/3/2002 
Kyoto Gardens: A Virtual Stroll through Zen Landscapes 4/23/2002 
UC Davis is Accepting Applications for Summer Workshop in Kyoto 3/6/2002 
Symposium on Japanese Garden in America at BBG 3/2/2002 
Work Experience: Japanese Gardens 2/2/2002 
Send Japanese Garden e-cards 2/2/2002 
HCC offers Japanese Garden Design Course 1/21/2002 
Kyoto Garden Pics from a JGarden visitor 10/22/2001 
World Spirit Releases 'SHISHU' video on Japanese Gardens 9/23/2001 
Research Center for Japanese Garden Art Announces 2002 Intensive Seminar 9/19/2001 
New Sakuteiki Translation Published 9/7/2001 
Video Released to support Japanese Garden Construction 8/30/2001 
Doors Open on New Japanese Garden Web Site 5/28/2001 
CD-ROM Released by Nampara Software 5/1/2001 
JGARDEN.ORG will be moving. . . . Sort of 5/1/2001 
JOJG Announces Advanced Pruning Workshop 4/3/2001 
Ken Nakajima 1914-2000 3/28/2001 
New Gardens as the Morikami 3/18/2001 
Kobayashi Organizes Japan Tour 1/17/2001 
JOJG Organizes 2nd Tour to Kyoto 10/10/2000 
Research Center for Japanese Garden Art Announces 2001 Intensive Seminar 9/19/2000 
Research Center for Japanese Garden Art Opens New Web Site 9/19/2000 
Problems with the JGarden Forum have been Fixed (I think) 9/19/2000 
Teien.homestead.com Features How-to Articles and Gallery of Reader's Gardens 8/29/2000 
Building My Zen Garden Released 8/27/2000 
Wabi Sabi Kyoto Tour Announced 8/12/2000 
3rd Symposium on Japanese Gardens Cancelled 7/3/2000 
Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden Re-Opens 6/3/2000 
Holy Mountain Trading Company Highlights the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco and Ritsurin Koen 5/28/2000 
IAJG Announces 3rd Symposium on Japanese Gardens 5/22/2000 
Japanese Garden Education Specialist Wanted 5/21/2000 
A Path Through The Japanese Garden released by The Crowood Press 5/20/2000 
4th Annual Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar in Kyoto 5/20/2000 
Journal of Japanese Gardening announces a Garden Tour of Kyoto 5/20/2000 
BlueBlood Software releases MicroCosmic software to design 3D models of Japanese Gardens 5/20/2000 
A Japanese Garden Journey: Through Ancient Stones and Dragon Bones released by Stemmer House 5/20/2000 
Temperate Bamboo Quarterly 5/20/2000 
Seiwa-en CD-ROM released 5/20/2000 
Journal of Japanese Gardening 5/20/2000 
jmbamboo Opens its Doors on the Web 5/20/2000 
Chinese Gardens web site opens 5/20/2000 
Cherry Blossom Gardens Opens its Web Shop for Japanese Garden Accessories 5/20/2000 
Seattle Japanese Garden Opens New Web Site 5/15/2000 

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